IT Committee

Chairperson: Eileen Chandler
Database Manager: Linda Stevens

Key Contributors:

  • Paul Dworianyn, Website Design and Ongoing Improvements
  • Jessica Dworianyn, Content Specialist

2019 Projects and Activities:

  1. Upgrade the server and infrastructure hardware and systems software to leverage newer technologies.
  2. Build a new website on the WordPress framework to facilitate maintenance of the site.
  3. Provide current association activities to our members in an expedient manner.
  4. Enable separation of members-only content from public content, to provide better experience for our members.
  5. Centralize executive committee functions to improve information sharing and reporting.


Provide relevant and timely electronic communications vehicles to our membership by maintaining the NWNA Web Site.  Provide assistance to NWNA leadership by maintaining the two NWNA Databases and resolving email and electronic media issues.