Crystal Lake Survey Results

The Crystal Lake Survey ran from July 18th to August 8, 2019, using both Facebook and this website to collect your insights. Below are the results of that survey.

Thank you to all who participated!

Question 1:

Is Crystal Lake the best place in the Northwest for one of our two neighborhood parks?

Voting Results -

Yes – 43.75%
No – 56.25%

Comments -

  1. Largest freshwater lake, and the city already owns the property.
  2. Crystal Lake has a higher and better future use than a neighborhood park. Eventually a northern inlet to Charlotte Harbor from the North Spreader System will occur. Maybe not for decades but another inlet is inevitable. When that occurs, Crystal Lake should be opened to the North Spreader System at Meadowview Lake or Flagstone Canal. The lake is an ideal marina site and could be a mirror image of the Yacht Club at the opposite end of the Cape. The future use therefore could be a regional park.
  3. have not seen proof that this location would be used by the area populace.
  4. I think that the city should be researching the demographics of who would be using this park as well as all our other parks. Are the resourses being used wisely in these green spaces? Are the parks being used in the cooler months? And by who? Families? Couples? Singles? Are they walking, playing tennis, etc. Are the kids using the playgrounds. Why not send out a Neighborhood Survey to find out the answers to all the questions, not just 'is this the best place to put a 'water park'
  5. I would like to see Jonis Park expanded with 8 pickleball courts. (or the property at Ceitus/Old Burnt Store)
  6. It's a nice body/location of fresh water. Most people in the Cape probably don't even know where it is. I recommend that you take a look at this location before you vote. After all there are several parks already in the south of the NW but none in the northern areas. This area is growing fast and sooner or later will need areas such as this.
  7. Until we find other options. Joe stonis park has no more to offer. I'd say the park is pretty much at capacity as to adding anything more to it What about the area at the end of Tropicana
  8. The City has no intention to build it for at least 10 years. It is at the bottom of their priority list. By then the 60 million dollars of bond funds will have been spent.
  9. It's the only clean/safe water to swim in the Cape
  10. Beautiful location. N.W. has no schools nearby or playgrounds anywhere to go for activity. Children have to travel miles just to have a safe environment to play beside playing in the streets. In doing so the the traffic on the roads are not safe (a lot of running stop signs and speeding) poor lighting.
  11. Would not be used by many because of location!
  13. NW needs a park. Additionally Cape Coral flats are just several blocks away, which is a beautiful and convenient outlet to Charlotte Harbor which should be taken advantage of for everyone.
  14. While this is the least developed area of the NW, this project along with the RV park under construction will make a great impact to spur development in the area.
  15. neighborhood park would be okay, although area has very little development right now - however, the AMUSEMENT PARK apparently planned does not belong in a residential area anywhere in Cape Coral - the water ski ride and scuba diving - belong in a commercial area
  16. Seven islands like we wanted .
  17. Whose neighborhood is that with what they atte planning. Sounds like a city park to me.
  18. I like the location but don’t like the planned concept
  19. My future home is across the street from the park.
  20. All the other parks are 5 to 8 miles from here, the beach is 24 miles from here. It would be nice, and with a small transfer of a sliver of state land, would also help with boat launch and beach access on Charlotte Zharbor!
  21. If they are planning on a "water park" where are they going to get the "water" from??? A well?
  22. To far
  23. I would like to see a park in the Northwest Cape that is more family oriented. Wish we had a spray park like they have a Lee County Lakes Park that would also include a playground and other facilities geared towards Families with children.
  24. Yes it would be great to have beach access in NW cape!!!
  25. We do not need a park. Taxes will go up. We already have a water park.
  26. Thats kind of farout, and with all what they want to do, doesn't seem like a neighborhood park.
  27. Use that area to build a boat ramp. Burnt store road boat ramp is small for the amount of boat traffic.
  28. It will spur development in that area.
  29. Almost in Charlotte county…. not many people up there.
  30. Proposal is like no other of its kind. Need to have variety.
  31. Already city owned. What a beautiful place it could be. You can’t say we’re gonna get it than take it away.
    The park near west cape estates should cost less to build, the UEP has it all dug up. Use that excavation to form the park.
  32. Despite the slanted wording of your flyer, this is a good location for the proposed amenities.
  33. Perfect location. Area is growing and will definitely use this park.
  34. Who is asking this question? The association? The city?
  35. The city owns some much better locations for the new neighborhood park. At Kismet and Old Burnt Store Rd there is over 200 acres with some lakes and a lot of green area . This rubs between OBSR and all the way out to Burnt Store rd.. Put the park here on the OBSR side and build a smaller version of Sandoval out to BS with access from BS. Sandoval is now sold out. We can use a nice gated community in this location .
  36. As a neighborhood park, it services a single neighborhood, albeit a low-resident count neighborhood. If the current park is servicing the people of that neighborhood, I am opposed to putting more money into servicing the same people when other areas have nothing.
  37. Yes
  38. Yes!!! It's a unique property based around an existing lake and water sports activities that does not and will not exist anywhere else.
  39. the city elected and appointed officials should get their noses out of the builders and developers you know what and start thinking about the people who live here and what they want.
  40. have found that survey and input are ignored an example is the seven landfills on old burnt store. it should remain a wildlife area not a money making area for some contracter.
  41. No not while the city owns another location at Kismet and Old Burnt Store rd. Not far south from Crystal lake but with so many opportunities to really attract park users .
    Lets call it 259 plus acres.

Question 2:

Should we look for a more desirable city owned property for a northwest neighborhood Park?

Voting Results -

Yes – 55.5%
No – 44.5%

Comments -

  1. Approx. 7 miles separate the Joe Stonnis park and Crystal Lake. A better neighborhood park location should be where actual neighbors live. Suggest a site where at least 25% development has occurred, not at Crystal Lake with approx. 10% development. Gulfstream Pkwy. area is about halfway between Stonnis and Crystal Lake is over 25% developed.
  2. Only after determining the demographics of the area and the park needs. We have great parks now, but are they utilized?
  3. As I said previously. I think we should look into the possibility that we do not need an additional park before we look for a more 'desirable' spot within our city for another park. Do people use our green spaces as a destination? Do they walk in their own neighborhood rather than drive to a walking path. Do the children utilize basketball courts? Tennis Courts?
  4. I believe that this area is well suited for a park. I don't know if all the land around the lake is owned by the city, if it is then a large part of the cost has already been absorbed.
  5. Like the lake off Durden road.
  6. The City owns property on Old Burnt Store Rd. By Kismet that would be very suitable and could be built sooner, in a more populated area.
  7. Keep traffic out of existing neighborhoods
  8. Location is perfect.
  10. See above comments.
  11. don't bother - you know the City is not going to listen to us - they will do as they please anyhow
  12. Seven islands
  13. Of course. Do we really want the whole city bungie jumping in our back yards.
    Really who is this park for,?
  14. The city already owns almost everything it needs to extend Crystal Lake all the way to Matlacha Pass, Charlotte Harbor, and access to Pine Island Sound. Again, it would only take a transfer of a 180 foot triangle of State land to complete this parl’s open water access.
  15. Residents of the Northwest extends all the way up Burnt Store/Old Burnt Store toads. Just because we have chosen to live further north doesn’t mean we aren’t entitled to anmenities farther north. Jonas Park is in the south end of the neighborhood, Crystal lake has been in the north part for over 30 years and should be developed for those of us who live up there. Focus groups will determine what actually goes in each of the parks.
  16. This place is desirable from parking and natural resource view
  17. What's desirable is keeping the plan the way it is and stop trying to screw us in the far NW.
  18. The property above came with the 7 islands purchase wayback in 2012. This would be smart growth , The Park open to all with the gated community in the front .
  19. But, what factors are going to go into "desirable"? How will the location be chosen? When will the neighbors
    surrounding that property get to discuss what activities and timeframes of operation will be supported?
  20. Not now
  21. like it where it is
  22. No. You have no right to circumvent the electoral process to make a money grab to take away the only amenity already scheduled for the actual northwest Cape trying to divert the money to other neighborhoods. That will lead to a lawsuit. Your survey coming after a vote has been taken is offensive and obvious. Try focusing your attention on getting a boardwalk and walking trail out to the city owned property and through the mangroves funded through state grants and donations. That would be a value added activity.
  23. No
  24. one of the things needed in the northwest area is a dog park where dogs have a chance to mingle and run free. there is a lot of land in serina vista that could have been used and was turned down. the children area in joe stonis is under water when it rains and should be raised up. from what i remember they put it to close to the roads when built and had to move it.
  25. Yes
  26. Yes the location above that they city bought at auction way back in 2012 with the 7 islands.
    There are 3 good size lake and lots of trees and open spaces . This property runs from Old Burnt Store rd all they way over to Burnt Store rd. Put the new Neighboor hood park with a entrance from OBSR with public entrances here. We need a new upscale gated community . Have smaller version developed here that is entered off Burnt Store Rd for residents . So a developer buys and builds the community . The Public has 100% access from OBSR and home owners come in from the Burnt Store side .With Sandoval built out my bet is this Would fill quickly given that BS will be widened , With the new commercial zoning on BSR there will be shopping , restaurants etc. Lets go with some SMART GROWTH here for all to enjoy.