Burnt Store Road Widening Project

Phase One

The Widening of Burnt Store Road (BSR), from a 2-lane road to a 4-lane road, from Pine Island to Van Buren Parkway is an undertaking by Lee County.  According to the details page of their website, this is only Phase One of the project. This phase has been broken into 3 segments:

  • The North Segment widens BSR from Van Buren to Diplomat.  Expected completion Spring 2018-DONE!
  • The Middle Segment widens BSR from Diplomat to south of Tropicana. Expected completion Spring 2020.
  • The South Segment widens BSR from south of Tropicana to Pine Island. Expected completion Fall 2023.  

Phase Two

Phase Two, which is targeted for "the distant future", will be to expand the new 4 lane road to a 6 lane road, with a 2-lane frontage road.  The county has already acquired the land needed for Phase Two.  The NWNA's Public Works Committee will be actively monitoring county activities related to Phase Two, as we have done throughout Phase One.

Recent News/Updates