City-Owned Properties

Periodically, the City of Cape Coral purchases land around the city, presumably as speculative future use by the city: for a new park, to build a new school or firehouse, etc. While the city owns the property, it is exempt from taxes, thus reducing the income from said properties. 

As an organization, we have a need to monitor the amount of city-owned land in our neighborhoods to ensure that we are getting the tax revenue from those properties.  If there is no short-term vision for these properties, the city should post them “for sale” and open the doors for residents (now or future) to own a piece of Cape Coral.  

In April 2019, the NWNA provided a list of properties in the upper northwest area of our boundaries to the city.  Shortly thereafter, Dawn Andrews, of the Real Estate Department for the city, posted 27 new listings for sale on the Southwest Florida Multiple Listing Service.  Use this link to review current city-owned property that is for sale.  

NWNA is aware of approximately 30 more listings that should be on the "for sale" list, but are not.  We will keep working with the city to understand what future use is planned and, if none, why they are still holding onto them.