Crystal Lake Park


The beauty of NW Cape is evident in this stunning new park located on Caloosa Parkway.  The lake is pristine as it is home to a wide variety of wildlife and our fine feathered friends and will become a very popular place for families to gather for a day of fun.

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Recent News and Updates

Parks Committee Update

By Linda Stevens | December 22, 2021

Members, We thought you would like to see an update from Kevin Black, your Parks Chairman on the Yacht Club construction, and two of the parks coming to the NWCape. Cape Coral Yacht Club – During the City Council’s Committee of the Whole meeting on December 8, 2021, staff provided an update on the planned […]

Update on Crystal Lake Boardwalk – Trading House Trail

By Linda Stevens | September 2, 2021

Hello Members: Here is a 5 minute video update on the boardwalk at Crystal Lake Park. Please watch the video below to see how this project is progressing. John Bashaw, President (920) 449-2000

NWNA Parks Chairman Crystal Lake Update

By Linda Stevens | June 11, 2021

Kevin Black gives us an update on the progress of Crystal Lake Park – 6/10/2021 Watch as our NWNA Parks Chairman, Kevin Black gives us an update on the future site of Crystal Lake Park in the NW Cape. The Park is located on Caloosa Parkway and will also be the starting point for a […]

Youth Council Boardwalk Approval

By Paul Dworianyn | March 27, 2021

President of the NWNA, John Bashaw, updates the members with good news about the proposal presented to the Cape Coral Youth Council for a Nature Walk from Crystal Lake Park to Charlotte Harbor.

Crystal Lake Park Beauty

By Paul Dworianyn | January 18, 2021

NWNA Members: The beauty of the Northwest Cape is unrivaled. We are so fortunate to live here! The pictures below were taken at Crystal Lake Park on Jan 14th and sent to us by Member Gordon Ultsch. I think you will agree it showcases the beauty of the Northwest Cape! Redhead – relatively rare around […]

2nd Update on Crystal Lake Park Problem

By Paul Dworianyn | January 8, 2021

Crystal Lake Solution is in Progress! NWNA Members: Please see the memorandum on actions the city is taking to resolve the issue at Crystal Lake. I am very pleased with the action taken by the City of Cape Coral, led my Mr. Ilczyszyn, and I am sure you will also recognize the fast attention given […]

Crystal Park Problem Update

By Paul Dworianyn | January 8, 2021

NWNA Members: The City of Cape Coral is aggressively pursuing a resolution to the situation at Crystal Lake. Plans are already in place to address the concerns you raised, including the suggestions in the bulletin I sent on Monday. I am confident the right resources are on this problem with the right urgency. Please do […]

Crystal Lake Park Problem

By Paul Dworianyn | January 4, 2021

NWNA Members: Happy New Year and my best wishes to you and your family for a great 2021. We have a situation in the vicinity of Crystal Lake Park and I am asking you to support our members and help out. The members near Crystal Lake are at their wits end with the partying, drag racing, […]