Utilities Extension Project (UEP)

The Utilities Extension Project (UEP) is intended to bring potable water, sanitary sewer, dual water (irrigation), and storm drains to areas of Cape Coral not presently served by the city.  This is a multi-phased, many-year project. 

At the current time, 2 phases are on the board, having been approved by the city.

  • North 2 is generally the area north of Pine Island Rd, to Tropicana, from Old Burnt Store Rd to Del Prado (see map below for more specifics).
  • North 1 UEP is in the northeast quadrant of the City, east of Santa Barbara.  

During the North 2 phase, many members, as well as the leadership, of NWNA have raised questions.  The NWNA is looking to bring in an independent auditor to review the evaluations, assessments, funding sources, etc. for the UEP project (see a list of tentative questions).  The Northwest Cape Coral Foundation, Inc., has agreed to take donations from the public, which are targeted for the UEP investigation, and remit those donations back to the NWNA, to help cover the auditor and any legal matters which might arise.  Please help! 

You may make your tax exempt donation by clicking on the "DONATE" button on the NWCCF donation page.

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