Utilities Expansion Project (UEP) - Focus Project 2022

The Utilities Expansion Project (UEP) is intended to bring potable water, sanitary sewer, dual water (irrigation), and storm drains to areas of Cape Coral not presently served by the city.  This is a multi-phased, many-year project.   The map below indicates the different phases of the project in each area of the city and the potential starting date.

At the current time, North 1 is about to start and the residents in North 1 are just starting to see the preparations and supplies being staged around the Northeast Cape.

  • North 1 UEP is in the northeast quadrant of the City, east of Santa Barbara.  - Getting Started
  • North 3 UEP in the northwest section of the city, is expected to start in 2025.

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UEP Area Map - City of Cape Coral

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