2020 Cape Coral Elections - Cape Coral Voting

The 2020 Election Campaign Period has begun and we want to give voters in Northwest Cape Coral the opportunity to see who is running in each district.

In addition to the President/Vice-President, we will have state and city positions where candidates will be vying for our votes.

City Council Seats

There are 4 City Council seats up for election in 2020.  We need people in those seats who will listen to the citizens of our city, regardless of their residential location.

While NWNA is not a political action organization, we must ensure that our elected officials share our interests and are willing to work with us to come to compromise solutions.

District 2

Incumbent: John Carioscia (term limit reached)


  • Bryan DeLaHunt
  • Dan Sheppard
District 3

Incumbent: Marilyn Stout (term limit reached)


  • Chris Cammarota
  • Tom Hayden
District 5

Incumbent:  Lois Welsh (interim city council member who chose not to run)


  • Louis Navarra
  • Robert Welsh
District 7

Incumbent: Jessica Cosden (Incumbent)


  • Jessica Cosden
  • Derrick Donnell