Northwest Cape Coral Foundation (NWCCF)

The Northwest Cape Coral Foundation is a 501(c)3 charity.  Their mission is to "to protect and enhance the quality of life in Northwest Cape Coral including but not limited to the sustainability of estuaries, wetlands, and aquatic preserves through research, education, and demonstration projects and to collaborate with universities and other non-profit community-based organizations which have similar interests. "

The NWCCF assists other non-profit community-based organizations, like NWNA, by awarding grants for special projects identified by those organizations.  

Of special interest at this time for the NWNA is the manner in which funding and assessments for the UEP projects in northwest Cape Coral are being managed by the City.  Please help us to investigate and take action, should it be warranted, by mailing a check to NWCCF, P. O. Box 53, Cape, Coral, FL  33993, or by making an online donation to the NWCCF.  

Learn more about the NWCCF.