About Us

We are an advocacy group that is dedicated to providing a strong, effective voice for its members in matters that concern our area. Our primary focus is quality of life and property value preservation.

The NWNA does not impose any form of deed restrictions on its membership and has not (nor will it ever) establish any homeowner property requirements with respect to architectural design, landscaping standards, or property management. NWNA will not engage in or mediate disputes between residents.

Membership is available to residents and lot owners within Cape Coral city limits north of Pine Island Road and west of Santa Barbara Blvd.

We are a 501(c)(4) organization.

Our Purpose

Established in 2004, the Northwest Cape Coral Neighborhood Association, Inc., (NWNA) is the largest, most active, community-based organization in the city. We use the strength of our collective voice to promote sensible policies and smart growth on behalf of our members.

Our area encompasses large undeveloped tracts of land still available in Cape Coral. As our future continues to unfold, we need to remain vigilant and actively engaged in the issues and development that impacts our neighborhoods.

Our success in shaping our evolving community is directly related to the strength and efforts of our united voice for our northwest community. Whenever we represent the NWNA to City, County or state entities, our membership numbers are a critical component to the strength of our collective voice.